sunday, 4/21


1:30PM aT The preuss school

For many of us at Gracepoint San Diego, college was a pivotal time in our lives. We witnessed the truth and power of the Gospel become reality, and experienced the richness of life within a biblical, counter-cultural Christian community. This transformative experience and vision is what we desire to pass on to others – an Acts 2 church in every college town

Looking for a church as you enter a new school year? Or want to learn more about Christianity and the Bible? We want to welcome you to Gracepoint San Diego! Located right here on the UC San Diego campus, we are a church focused on ministry to college students at UCSD. Whether you’re searching for a church to call home or you’re new to Christianity, we invite you to join us for our Sunday service.


Campus Ministries

Gracepoint San Diego is affiliated with Acts2Fellowship, a Christian student organization at the University of California – San Diego campus. If you’re a UCSD Triton looking for a group of friends to help you live out your faith, Bible studies, or just an awesome, fun time on a Friday night, then this is the place for you! Find out what’s happening this week on our A2F website here.

4Corners is a campus group at UCSD where international students can make friends and learn about Christianity. You don’t need to be a Christian to join, just come to one of our events or contact us to find out more. And if you are a Christian, we’d love to get to know you and help you grow as a disciple of Christ. Check out the 4Corners website for more information.

We're a group of students who gather to read the Bible, study for classes, eat good food, hang out, and more. Many of life’s biggest moments begin with an invitation. Our diverse life stories, backgrounds, and experiences converged on the UCSD campus as we sought -- and found -- compelling answers for the deeper questions of life through the Bible. Find more info about events at our Klesis website.



If you'd like more details about our service location or have any other questions, please let us know! Also, if you would like to get picked up for our church service, feel free to go to any of these locations at 1:00pm:

Ride Pickup Locations:
Revelle Parking Lot
Sun God Lawn
Pangea Parking Structure
Earl’s Cul-de-Sac
Sixth Res Hall Parking Lot